Tweeps React To DJ Sbu And Zahara Saga

Tweeps React To DJ Sbu And Zahara Saga..  The long-standing spat between two Mzansi artists, Zahara and DJ Sbu, is far from ending following a video clip of the former accusing Sbu of exploiting her, resurfaced on Twitter.


Tweeps React To DJ Sbu And Zahara Saga


In a video shared by Musa Khawula, Zahara is heard saying that DJ Sbu still owes her huge sums of money from her album Loliwe.




This long-standing beef between the artists started way back with Zahara demanding royalties from her project, Loliwe, which she recorded under TS Records.

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Ever since leaving TS Records, the female artist is still feeling duped by Sbu who is allegedly owing her millions off her unpaid album sales and performances.

However, the war between Sbu and Zahara has sparked mixed reactions among tweeps, with some slamming ‘broke’ and desperate Zahara for trying to sought financial stability through Sbu.

Others are demanding Sbu to pay Zahara her dues despite the former denying to be owing her any money.

Here are the comments extracted from Twitter:



Dj sbu out here telling us to pusha phanda that time he’s living lavish ka chelete ya Loliwe. No, they must Pay Zahara her money, all of it.


Zahara shouldn’t be going through this! As a country we must help her. These men took advantage of a village girl and we’re just watching. Where are the unemployed


Artists must go learn the business of music & stop accusing music bosses of theft online on their lack of due diligence. Only now when the money is gone suddenly artists know where to engage their fans on their problems. Yes, Loliwe is owned by Sbu & TK & she agreed to it. Manje?


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