Tweeps React To Drake Choosing Uncle Waffles Over Mihlali

Tweeps React To Drake Choosing Uncle Waffles Over Mihlali..  Tweeps are convinced Drake has a crush on the South African DJ Uncle Waffles whom he has tagged several times on his Instagram page.

Tweeps React To Drake Choosing Uncle Waffles Over Mihlali

It has recently been revealed that Drake is also looking to co-sign the DJ under his record label OVO Sound. The rumour has, however, not been verified by the involved parties.

A dig into Mihlali’s Twitter receipts shows that the brand-influencer has had an undying crush on the American rapper and has been professing that for years now but Drake has never to messages she addresses to him.

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Here are some of her tweets on her undying love for Drake;


Tweeps React To Drake Choosing Uncle Waffles Over Mihlali
Screenshots of Mihlali’s self-confessed crush on Drake

The little attention Drake has been giving Uncle Waffles since his debut into the entertainment industry limelight last year has pushed many social media users to believe Drake has only found Uncle Waffles as his preferred fave in South Africa – and, not Mihlali who has been gushing over him for years.

Here are some reactions from tweeps;


“Uncle Waffles getting Drakes attention while Mihlali has the biggest crush on him is wild lol” – @Ceeparty22


“Shoutout to Drake for ignoring mihlali the same way she ignores us. You a real one G ❤️” – @SciiTheComedist


“One thing about men. They get turned off by groupies. Men don’t like easy targets.Look how Drake ignored Mihlali for 5 years 😭😭 not even a follow back nyana…” – @ChrisExcel102

In related news, the youthful and promising DJ in South Africa Uncle Waffles couldn’t help but take to her Instagram and Twitter page to show her excitement over a shoutout she received from Drake last night after her performance in Tanzania.

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If the unconfirmed word on the street is true that she has been signed by the American rapper, this will be one of the biggest wins she has had since the beginning of her career last year.


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