Video: Actor Nyaniso Dzedze ‘Dr Dhlomo’ from Durban Gen set to leave the show

South African Actor Nyaniso Dzedze is one of the most sought-after talents in the South African acting industry with a list of previous roles too long to mention. The actor has been making serious career moves and making lots of headlines with him s recent role in Durban Gen playing the abusive Dr Dhlomo. However, Nyaniso Dzedze is set to make a dramatic exit from the show as the second season of Durban Gen comes to an end.

Nyaniso’s role as Dr Dhlomo in Durban Gen

Dzedze brings to life the role of Dr Dhlomo who came to Durban General hospital from working overseas. He was the heartthrob that every woman at the hospital wanted a piece of but he chose Sne who he wowed with his wealth. After winning over Sne’s heart and dating for a few months the two got married and trouble in Paradise began on their wedding day.

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Nombulelo Mhlongo and Nyaniso Dzedze
Nombulelo Mhlongo and Nyaniso Dzedze-Image Source(Instagram/Nombulelo Mhlongo)

Dr Dhlomo hit Sne for being late and not answering his call and she tried to cancel the wedding but her mother talked her out of it. Dhlomo had landed a job in Johannesburg and so he had to move together with Sne for some weeks before Sne came back seeking treatment for bruises from their fights. After that Dr Dhlomo’s abuse got serious and many people got to know of it including Phumeza and her husband.

How his character will be written off

The situation got bad when an ambulance was called after Dhlomo beat Sne to unconsciousness and she suffered a miscarriage. Everyone at the hospital stood by Sne and Dhlomo got arrested but was let out on bail. After he got out many ladies from the Stokvel demonstrated against Dhlomo at his house till he left.

Watch how Nyaniso Dzedze will exit Durban Gen below:

In the video showing a trailer of the next episode, Dhlomo will be on the rooftop in pursuit of Sne who is trying to get away from him. He pushes Mbali who tries to save Sne off while Thulani and his security team come and gunshots are fired. Dhlomo will be shot and his character bows out of the drama series.

Nyaniso Dzedze the actor who takes on the character of Dr Dhlomo has opened up to the public that he is not like his character in real life. The actor even speaks up against Gender-Based Violence on his social media platforms because of his role. It will be the end of Dr Dhlomo but the actor will continue to work on all the other projects he is working on.

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