VIDEO| AKA Deliberately Pushes Down His Videographer So He Could Dance To Amapiano

AKA Deliberately Pushes Down His Videographer So He Could Dance To Amapiano..  AKA has sparked a furore on social media after he deliberately pushed one of his videographers off the stage to clear space for himself on stage.

AKA Deliberately Pushes Down His Videographer So He Could Dance To Amapiano

 He wanted to dance to an Amapiano song during one of his recent performances at an unnamed club in Cape Town.

Social media is divided over the deliberate act that could have resulted in serious injuries to the cameraman who luckily escaped injury by a whisker after he was caught by fans from falling.

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In a disturbing 5 second video that has been making the rounds on social media, AKA can be seen pushing a man holding a camera off stage. He immediately starts dancing, attracting people to concentrate on him without thinking twice about his drastic act. He continues dancing despite seeing his cameraman frantically trying to avoid falling over. The cameraman luckily gets saved from falling offstage by AKA’s fans.

Watch the video of AKA pushing a videographer below;



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The video has since sparked sour reactions from Tweeps who have decided to contribute their 2 cents on AKA’s allegedly intentional act.

Some people suggest AKA deliberately pushed the man but his push had no intentional means of hurting him. Rather, he was signalling the man to stop encroaching on his dance floor.

A majority of people, however, see AKA’s act as harsh and uncalled for. One Twitter user @SegoolEE further hinted under Musa Khawula’s post that the same incident could have been similar to that which happened a year ago leading to AKA’s fiance’s death.

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Anele Tembe died last year in April after falling from a 10th-floor room at a hotel she had booked together with AKA. He was also present in the house when the incident happened. Many people blame AKA for the death of his fiance.


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