Video and Pictures: Rapper Nasty C links up with American Rapper Wale in California

video and pictures rapper nasty c links up with american rapper wale in california

South African rapper Nasty C has been making some serious career moves recently and has been in the headlines a lot as he stays in his bag making a pretty penny. The rapper is currently in America while he works on some business and gets to link up with other artists and musicians on the international platform. Rumour has it that his trip is also for some work he is doing in preparation for his next album. In a recent post, Nasty C revealed that he linked up with American rapper Wale and got to hang out with him.

Watch the video of Nasty C hanging out with Wale in America below:

.Taking to Instagram to share a picture and a video, Nasty C showed his fans that he was hanging out with American veteran rapper Wale. Nasty C’s producer Nani Chehore then shared pictures on Twitter that the two rappers had a studio session together. This revealed that a collaboration between the two is on the books and may be in Nasty C’s upcoming album.

Wale has worked with Kwesta before

Wale is no stranger to working with South African rappers, so the collaboration with Nasty C will not be the first with a Mzansi musician. The rapper visited South Africa in 2017 and worked on a collaboration and music video with Kwesta, Spirit. The song was a hit in South Africa and had over 9 million streams on YouTube only.

Nasty C on his upcoming 2023 album

Nasty C revealed that he is working on an album he is set to release in 2023 and will collaborate with other artists on some tracks. He once talked about wanting to collaborate with upcoming talent in Mzansi for free and expanding his fan base to America by circulating his music there. Besides having to work on his music in the US, Nasty C is also working on finishing some projects he does on the side.

Recently Nasty C made news and serious money moves when he collaborated with Call of Duty mobile to bring the gaming experience to South Africa. Amid all the joy of landing a mega deal with an International brand, he was also trending because of the success of his song with AKA, Lemonade, which was received well by fans. Currently, the rapper is promoting his Ivyson Tour in South Africa, which has sold out all of its Early bird tickets.

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