Video: Back Coffee’s buys a house to ditch her mother and kids for partying

Mzansi’s most famous DJ, Black Coffee, detailed how he managed to ditch his mother and kids by buying a new house for partying. Black Coffee is famous for making people party like never before. We all know that his schedule is packed with bookings pilling on his table and people seeking him to make their party. His name has grown mostly beyond South Africa’s borders, and he makes much money from his hustle. Indeed, Black Coffee ranks among the country’s wealthiest DJs, allowing him to party the way he wants.

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Living under the same roof with his mother seemed to be a thorn in his flesh when it came to partying. We all know how mothers may choose to be difficult despite their children’s age. They still consider you a child, and they never allow something to happen to their face. So was Black Coffee’s mother, who ensured her son would not party freely. For a long time, Black Coffee struggled to bring her friends home freely for drinks and stuff, and that was a pain. After contemplating the issue, Black Coffee bought a new house.

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Watch: Back Coffee's buys a house to ditch her mother and kids for partying
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Black Coffee buys a whole house to avoid his mother and kids when partying.

Speaking to NOTA, Black Coffee spoke of his struggles after breaking up with Enhle Mbali in 2019. He said he had been struggling and life would be dope now that he is single. He spoke of his incapacitated hand and how it all happened. He said that doctors considered amputating his arms as they did not know what else to do. Indeed, this is another reason why Black Coffee is struggling after divorcing his wife.

Having an incapacitated arm may be one of the reasons why he decided to stay with his mom. Also, it would be better for his kids’ upbringing if they grew up with their grandmother than as maids. A lot favoured Black Coffe to be closer to his mother but at the expense of his social life. He said many of his friends struggled to feel free to visit him for drinks and partying. The issue stressed him deeply until an opportunity came when a neighbour told him that they were selling their house. Black Coffee decided to buy the house so his friends could freely come for partying and many other things.

Watch as Black Coffee spoke of her struggles with partying while staying with his mother.

Besides partying, Black Coffee dreams of having his house signify his legacy. He said he is doing everything to add value to it with paintings and his life experiences. He later named it The Black Coffee house.

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