Viral Amazon delivery van video has TikTok users shocked — WATCH

Viral Amazon delivery van video has TikTok users shocked.. Recently a Tik Tok video is fetching the attention of the audience on Social Media. The video is getting shared by the users rapidly and accumulated more than 10 million views.

Viral Amazon delivery van video has TikTok users shocked
Viral Amazon delivery van video has TikTok users shocked—–

The quirky video is amusing the people. Short video featuring a woman leaving an Amazon delivery van and walking away in the meantime, she exchanged a glance with the man standing in the van. The man stood there until the van’s doorway closed.

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The video is getting viral all over the internet with the caption “Amazon be different”.

Fetch more information regarding the Viral video Amazon below.

According to the latest reports, the video has been posted by a user named @patrickhook01 and it collected more than 7 Lakhs likes so far and still continuing.

Along with that, the video has received more than 20k comments. Well, the comments contained questions and some of the users are making fun of the video in the comments.

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One of the users commented “Be doing everything but delivering packages on time,” Some of the users also took advantage of the video and made fun of the renowned delivery service.

This is not the first time when such kind of video is garnering attention.

Watch Viral Video Amazon Woman Delivery


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