Warhammer 40k Darktide Characters, Get a List of Warhammer 40k Playable Darktide Characters

Warhammer 40k Darktide Characters

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide’s first-person shooter was developed by Fatshark, and their players must fight against swarms of various enemies. The game features melee and ranged weaponry, and players should balance fending off foes while defending all their teammates. The class choice defines each player’s and character’s strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the game. 

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Warhammer Darktide Characters

Most recently, it was delayed to 30 November on PC, with an Xbox Series X|S launch shortly after. Wahlund cited a need to improve “stability, performance, and to mature key systems.” The possible characters would be Veteran Sharpshooter Is, the Classic FPS Protagonist Build. Zealot Preacher Is Both Quick and Deadly, Psyker Psykinetic- the Magic-Dealer of the Team, and The Ogryn Skullbreaker Is Darktide’s Tank Option

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Reference Source: cbr/ pcgamer

Darktide Playable Characters

Warhammer Darktide peaked at approximately 108,395 players, and now that’s just on Steam and not telling how many more are around the bowels of Tertium as we speak, smashing and the last gunning through the hordes. This co-op action game has leaned more into Warhammer 40,000’s RPG roots, allowing one to create a custom character and choose from various backstory elements that led you to live in the meat grinder. The Playable Characters streaming on the game are Veteran Sharpshooter, Zealot Preacher, Psyker Psykinetic, and Ogryn Skullbreaker.

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Reference Source: cbr/ pcgamer

Warhammer 40k Playable Darktide Characters

The Veteran Sharpshooter- Classic FPS Protagonist Build

The Veteran Sharpshooter is a straightforward character to choose from out of the four. Darktide as a traditional shooter should find plenty of enjoyment in this class. The skills allow for considerable damage to enemy weak spots. The Veteran can assume a stance that increases ranged damage. However, movement speed is lowered for the duration. The Veteran has access to a primary frag grenade that detonates after a short time. Those weapons, the plasma gun, and the power sword are deadly and unique options.

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The Zealot Preacher-Both Quick and Deadly

The Zealot is a lethal warrior on the front lines of battle. Because of this, the Zealot is exceptionally proficient in melee combat and survivability. Fortunately, the ability and weaponry all compensate for any player who needs to either charge into combat or retreat when necessary.


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The Zealot’s ability allows the player to dash into combat, quickly covering a lot of ground. Once they reach their destination, the next melee attack is a guaranteed critical strike. Dashing also replenishes the Zealot’s shields. This ability, plus the Zealot’s stun grenade, a chain sword, flamethrowers, and a thunder hammer, make the class power to be reckoned with in the game.

The Psyker Psykinetic- Magic Dealer of the Team

The Psyker class is a more strategic build. The Psyker is Warhammer Darktide’s interpretation. Psyker possess unique abilities and weapons available to them, though some come at a cost. The Psyker’s health is something to keep and the most fragile class to choose from, and the Psyker can choose a target to apply a “brain burst.” Essentially, the player gets to crush an enemy’s skull from afar after a short duration. Be careful. However, builds up energy over time, explodes, and kills the Psyker if not maintained. The Psyker’s primary ability allows them to unleash this psychic energy.


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The Ogryn Skullbreaker- Darktide’s Tank Option

The Ogryn was designed as a class that receives a boost that will damage output and defense to shields and health, and these are ideal features for any tank-like character. The Ogryn is a massive figure means that the hitbox is more prominent. Ogryn provides an apt amount of muscle and durability and can become a large walking target.


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The Ogryn can knock around enemies and increase speed to attacks and movement. While this ability is functional, what is even more notable is Ogryn’s arsenal. Ogryn’s hefty and unique weapons include heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, combat shotguns, and powerful melee weapons coupled with a large riot shield.

Reference Source: cbr/ pcgamer

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