Watch Dineo Ranaka Bullying Sol Phenduka On Radio

Watch Dineo Ranaka Bullying Sol Phenduka On Radio..  Mzansi was thrilled when Kaya 959 FM revealed that it would introduce the bubbly duo of Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka on its Breakfast Show. However, in the mix of things, it seems as if the hype of the breakfast show is now losing its touch.

Watch Dineo Ranaka Bullying Sol Phenduka On Radio


Fans are already calling out the producers for even thinking this duo would work because it simply isn’t. In the mix of things, The Breakfast show listeners have slammed Dineo Ranaka for trying to dim Sol’s light in the wake of his newfound fame on radio.

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Dineo Ranaka is topping the trends for the wrong reasons after a viral video of the Kaya 959 FM breakfast show flooded social media.

In the recent show, Sol was seen raising a hand so that Dineo could give him a chance to talk. Despite humbling himself by raising his hands to beg for a chance to talk, Dineo is seen cutting him off before he even finishes speaking.

The alleged bullying tendency was first spotted they hosted Somizi. In an interview with Somizi Mhlongo, Dineo seemed to ignore Sol and would cut him short before he could finish off his sentence.

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Many have pointed out how Dineo Ranaka talks above Sol in an attempt to overshadow him and dim his light.

Watch the video below:



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