Watch: DJ Zinhle brushes Pearl Thusi off the stage, as friendship hangs by a thread

DJ Zinhle brushes Pearl Thusi off the stage she was performing, leaving their friendship hanging by a thread. For a very long time now, Zinhle and Pearl had been close buddies that everyone cherished.

The two became so close that at some point, Zinhle would be close by wherever Pearl was. Fans on social media even suggested that the two stars had been in a romantic relationship, given how close they were. Of course, the two ladies friendship has not been perfect, and fans have noticed a thick air growing between them.

For some time, shreds of evidence of their stormy relationship have since been noted, and they are clear for all to see. The first signs of the changes in their friendship came at Riky Rick’s funeral earlier this year. Pearl and Zinhle both attended the funeral, but their behaviour toward each other seemed weird and strange.

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Fans noticed it, and signs have been raining since then. On several occasions, both stars declined the rumours of bad blood between them, but the pieces of evidence are too clear to convince fans. How long will DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi be able to publicly show signs of their struggling friendship and defend themselves by words?

DJ Zinhle brushes Pearl Thusi off the stage, as friendship hangs by a thread

DJ Zinhle brushes Pearl Thusi off the stage showing more signs of a struggling friendship.

It seemed that Pearl and DJ Zinhle had been working on rebuilding their longtime friendship. Together the ladies had a lovely evening with drinks and music. After some time, Zinhle had to perform on the stage, and that’s when Pearl decided to join her without her agreement. Judging from the video, this did not sit well with Zinhle, who looked like he had issues on the deck. The way Zinhle handled herself chased a happy Pearl who went away straight away.

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After Pearl went away, Zinhle continued with her performance, which looked like a thick moment of a happy night. After the video trended, Zinhle defended her behaviour, saying she was not chasing Pearl away. Instead, she was speaking to Brandon about song selection. Zinhle’s explanation seemed true, but fans on social media find it difficult to accept.

Pearl Thusi also replied to Zinhle’s post, denying bad blood between them and saying they had a good time. Fans have since refused to believe the two stars as they claim that actions speak louder than words. Indeed, Pearl and Zinhle must do more than showering words to convince Mzansi that they are still close friends.

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Watch DJ Zinhle and Pearl’s awkward moment on stage.



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