Watch: Gomora actress Connie Chiume ‘MamSonto’ says her ex-husband and baby daddy mistreated her

Gomora’s most experienced actress, MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’, said that her ex-husband and baby daddy had been mistreating her. Connie sat down with MacG on Podcast and Chill and spoke on many things. She spoke of her journey to the Connie we know today and her experiences growing up in the entertainment industry.

Before she spoke of her personal life, Connie almost lost it when she became emotional speaking of how bad the industry in South Africa was getting. She said that young talent is being lost and not respected. She compared the exp[ereinces she had in Hollywood while shooting Black Panther. Undoubtedly, no one can question the experience of a 70-year-old actress who is still performing at a top level.

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The topic changed as MacG asked about Connie’s more personal issues. Nothing seemed to faze her as she answered everything with a smile. She spoke of the depression that she had when she lost her child and her love life. Shockingly, Connie said she survived a toxic and probably abusive relationship with her baby daddy and ex-husband.

Gomora actress Connie Chiume 'MamSonto' says that her ex-husband and baby dad treated her badly
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Gomora actress’ Connie Chiume’ Mam Sonto’s ex-husband and baby daddy, mistreated her.

MamSonto is a serial criminal, always in the streets doing what the law forbids. However, the Connie Chiume we know in real life is a wonderful lady who is kind and even sweet at her age. Judging from her Gomora onset character, one would at least understand if she got ill-treated in a marriage. MacG could not understand that there was a man who could mistreat such kind of lady. He agreed with many fans that Connie is a woman that many women would like to be married to.

Connie’s love life had not been that straightforward, and she had nothing much to say about it. Speaking of her ex-husband and baby daddy, Connie had not many words than to ask MacG if he wanted his number. That way, he would ask the man why he treated Connie so severely. She said that after failing to handle him, she was the one who filled the divorce and left. However, Connie being the Connie we know, admitted that she still communicates with her child’s father for the sake of her baby.

Watch as Gomora actress Connie Chiume ‘MamSonto speaks of how her baby daddy and ex-husband mistreated her.

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