Watch: Scandal actor Mdala ‘James Sithole’ makes shocking return to the show

Fluent Ndebele actor James Sithole became a household name when he joined the cast of Scandal, playing the role of the formidable Mdala. His character brought hell to the Kubeka household and Nhlamulo and Lindiwe’s marriage. The last time viewers saw him on screen was when he attempted a heist with Nhlamulo, who he wanted to kill in the end but was taken into custody. However, Scandal show writers have resurrected the character of Mdala, and James Sithole is back on the show.

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James Sithole on Scandal

He was first introduced as Nhlamulo’s ex-boss, who came with a bone to pick after the other man ratted him out to the police. At first, he laced his revenge with good acts acting like he did not know what Nhlamulo did. However, as time passed, his sinister ways started to show, and Nhlamulo saw him for what he was. Lindiwe bought into his lies a little longer till Mdala’s wife helped her see the light.

Lindiwe and Mdala on Scandal
Lindiwe and Mdala on Scandal-Image Source(Instagram/officialetvscandal)

The three then set a trap for Mdala to be brought to justice which involved putting Nhlamulo’s life at risk. However, Lindiwe placed a phone in Mdala’s pocket. That helped them track his whereabouts and see where they went so the police would lie in wait. Mdala attempted to shoot Nhlamulo point blank, which is when he found himself surrounded by authorities. He was sent to prison, and that’s the last he was seen in Scandal till now.

Watch the Video of Mdala’s return on Scandal below:

James Sithole makes a comeback on the show in this week’s highlights in his prison cell. The actor is shown in a video at the prison where he receives something from the guard. This happens just while Nhlamulo and Lindiwe are expecting a child that Nhlamulo thought was Mdala’s at first. Many fans are sure that the actor will ruin the happy couple’s lives and mess with them again.

Is Mdala’s return associated with Mvelo Makhanya leaving Scandal?

In recent headlines, it was stated that Mvelo Makhanya, who takes on the role of Lindiwe, is set for an exit. The reason is that her real-life boyfriend does not like to see her being touched and kissed by other men on the show. This storyline may be her last as the writers find a way to write her out. Adding Mdala back to the cast may be their way to make her exit a believable one instead of trying to replace her.

Many Scandal fans applaud the return of Mdala and claim that he brings the drama they love. They can not wait to see what he and his thuggish ways are up to in this week’s episodes. Watch Scandal on eTV every weekday at 1930hrs.

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