Watch: Scandal’s actor Hungani Ndlovu stars in new upcoming horror movie

Hungani Ndlovu, better known as Romeo on Scandal, is slated to star in a new movie. The young actor, who recently became a father, appears to be taking the industry by storm, and it seems his fans are here for it.

Hungani has been cited a few times as one of the best actors this nation has ever produced because he gives every one of his performances his all and ensures that he does so flawlessly. In the movie’s trailer, which he shared on Instagram, it appears that he is a hero and will attempt to save others. Mzansi believed the teaser he posted was very alluring, and they couldn’t wait to see the movie. They commented with fire emojis to show they thought it would be a hit, with some speculating that it would be a horror film. Fans are convinced that this is the movie’s name because he used the hashtag #TheBUM in his caption, but he didn’t say when the movie would be released—he just wrote that it would be coming soon.

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Recently, as a push present for Stephanie, Hungani Ndlovu, who is winning the “husband Olympics,” surprised her with a brand-new R1 million BMW. After experiencing a miscarriage in 2020, Hungani was thrilled to become a father. The couple welcomed their bundle of joy in August. Hungani and Stephanie are ecstatic new parents who cannot wait to document their experiences on their YouTube channel.

Hungani Ndlovu
Hungani Ndlovu – Image Credit : Instagram/ Hungani Ndlovu

Hungani, delighted to be a father, bought his wife a gift to symbolise his gratitude for carrying their child to term. Hungani revealed the information in a recent video uploaded to the couple’s YouTube channel, The Ndlovu’s Uncut. Hungani arrived at the house in a new whip to surprise his wife while Stephanie was at her parents’ house. Steph was seen in the video leaving the house in her pyjamas and was delighted to see her new BMW. She screamed and ran to hug her husband and express gratitude for the new car.

Hungani Ndlovu with his wife
Hungani Ndlovu with his wife – Image Credit: Instagram/Hungani Ndlovu

The romance between Hungani and Stephanie serves as an inspiration for Mzansi. The couple has supported one another through good times and is quickly rising to the top of Mzansi’s favourite couples. Hungani was praised for being a good husband for acknowledging his wife’s difficulties while pregnant and surprising her with a BMW in many comments on their YouTube channel. The channel is multiplying daily; at the rate they are going on YouTube, they might leave acting and focus on that full-time.

Watch Scandal actor Hungani Ndlovu star in a new upcoming horror movie trailer below:

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