Watch: The Queen actress Goodness ‘Zenande Mfenyana’ joins Beyonce’s CUFF IT dance challenge in style

The Queen actress Goodness ‘Zenande Mfenyana’ showcased some impressive dance moves as she joined Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge. In July, Beyonce released a hit song titled CUFF IT, and it’s been trending since its release. As of today, the song already has over 11 million views on Youtube, and this shows how much fans across the world love the song. To show their love for the music, fans have since started a challenge where they will be showing off their excellent dancing skills.

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A few days ago, her fellow actress Connie Ferguson ‘Harriet’ produced delicate dance moves with her trainer after the gym. Connie spoke at large of how happy she had been as she reminded Mzansi how good a dancer she was. Thanks to Harriet, Goodness has also decided to join the CUFF IT challenge. Indeed it took this long for us to watch how good a dancer is Goodness. She always had a way of not showing up when fellow actors like Lorraine Moropa ‘Olerato’ and Jessica Nkosi ‘Thando’ showed some moves.

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watch the queen actress goodness zenande mfenyana joins beyonces cuff it dance challenge in style

The Queen actress Goodness ‘Zenande Mfenyana’ joins Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge

Indeed, Zenande Mfenyana is a calm lady in real life, as the Goodness we know on The Queen show. That has made many fans imagine that she is a terrible dancer than Olerato. Indeed, she had been reserving her energy for Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge, and she is a better dancer than many fans could imagine.

Goodness took the stage with two other ladies, which helped remove her shyness. She looked rusty when she first started, but she found her rhythm as the song sank into her soul. She then started showing her authentic self with good dance moves that left fans impressed. She produced delicate activities, leaving some fans comparing her to good dancers like Connie Ferguson and Gomora’s Tiny ‘Stella Dlangalala’.

Watch The Queen actress Goodness’ Zenande Mfenyane’s CUFF IT challenge dance moves.

Goodness ‘Zenande Mfenyana’ on The Queen

Goodness had been very close to Harriet and worked closely with her for a long time. Things turned out to be hard on her when chaos grew in the Khoza family. Olerato planned to sell out Harriet on her drug business and murder case for her to be arrested. Goodness finds herself between the family wars, and she has to pay for it as more and more events unfold.

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