Watch | Toss Comes Up With A New Dance Challenge For Mzansi

Toss Comes Up With A New Dance Challenge For Mzansi..  Amapiano hitmaker and dance trend trailblazer Toss came up with a new dance video. He shared the dance on social media in his usual fashion.


Toss Comes Up With A New Dance Challenge For Mzansi

When Toss comes up with new dances, he does them dance in several locations. After dancing all over, he merges the videos.

His current dance is pretty simple, especially for people who can’t dance. All you have to do is to bang your fists in the air. Banging the fists, however, has to be in tune with the drum base of the song.

Looming single

Toss does these dances to promote his upcoming singles. Khulum’imali is the name of his new upcoming single. In the song, he sings about money being the only language he understands. He says he understands money over fan or hater opinions and industry promises.

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Mzansi has mixed reactions

Some tweeps said the dance looks lit. According to them, the dance is simple and has the potential to heat over the following summer. Some called Toss very creative. His ability to create modern dances is top notch according to them.

Some tweeps, however, said the dance challenge is just dull and lame. According to these people, Toss is trying too hard to stay relevant. Some say he should’ve stopped at Umlando.

UMlando take over

If we remember, Toss set the internet ablaze with the Umlando dance challenge. Due to the hype around the song, it became an instant success upon its release. Today the music and dance are still relevant in the Mzansu club scene.

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Siyabachamela epic fail

After releasing Umlando, Toss flopped very hard with his Siyabachamela dance and single. Mzansi dragged him for singing nonsense. In the song Siyabachamela, he was singing about urinating on people.

A while ago, the artist said he was quitting music. Perhaps he was taking a music break. Fame hasn’t been easy for the self-proclaimed introvert. Let’s not forget about the dreadful time he collapsed on stage. Toss should be more stable now to release more music.

Watch the video of Toss showing off a new challenge


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