WATCH: Two Planes Crash At Heathrow Airport In London

WATCH: Two Planes Crash At Heathrow Airport In London

Two commercial planes crashed on the runway at Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom, airport officials confirmed.

An Icelandair and Korean Air aircraft collided on the airfield at about 8 pm on Wednesday while taxiing. No injuries have been reported yet.

The Heathrow Airport spokesperson said:

“No injuries have been reported, but emergency services are attending to ensure all passengers and crew are safe and well.”

The Korean Air 777 plane wing “scraped into” the Icelandair 767 jet’s tail, and an eyewitness told Daily Mail that it wasn’t a “full-on” collision.

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Two Planes Crash Heathrow

The Korean Air flight Flight #KE908 was due to leave London at 19:35 for Seoul, Korea. The Icelandair jet was taxiing just after touching down.

Pictures circulating on social media and in mainstream publications show some damage done to the Icelandair plane’s tail by the Korean Air’s wing. There were several emergency vehicles on the tarmac at the scene.

Two Planes Crash Heathrow

One passenger on the clipped plane wrote on Twitter:

“I think I’m on one of the aircraft. Pretty sure we scrapped another plane with our wing tip while taxiing. I was a passenger on the Icelandair plane, and suddenly the plane was shaking. We’ve been waiting for our bags for two hours now. We just landed, and we won’t get our bag till tomorrow [today].”

A passenger on the Korean Air flight told the Daily Star:

“I was watching out the window thinking we were awful close to the tail for a parked plane. And then it looked like we grazed it.”

This is not the first time planes have collided at or near an airport.

In July this year, four people died after two planes crashed at North Las Vegas Airport in the United States.

The planes crashed mid-air above the airport and landed in different areas: one upside down on a runway and the other in flames near an airport fence.


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