Watchout Takealot, Amazon Is launching In South Africa

Watchout Takealot, Amazon Is launching In South Africa.. Get ready to have your packages delivered on time, because Amazon is reportedly looking to bring its own marketplace to South Africa.


Watchout Takealot Amazon Is launching In South Africa

The company is looking to make a name for itself here, taking on the likes of Takealot and Makro’s online stores.

The news comes from leaked documents shared by Business Insider telling us that Amazon plans to expand to four other countries, along with South Africa. Belgium, Columbia, Nigeria, and Chile are all set to get the Amazon treatment with South Africa. If the leaks are true, South Africa could look at having its own Amazon market as early as February 2023.

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Amazon’s plan – codenamed Project Fela – tells us that the company is bringing its business here soon. Not only are we getting the online marketplace, the company is also preparing to launch Prime memberships. Finally.

We’re not exactly sure yet what kind of services we’ll be able to expect from Amazon at launch. For example, some countries use Amazon to have groceries delivered. This seems a little too complicated for a launch, especially in South Africa. Still, that’s not to say it won’t launch with that service included. It’s more likely that Amazon will want to establish itself first before expanding the business.

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The inclusion of Prime memberships will be a game changer. We may get a watered-down version at first – but we’ll have to wait and see. In the States, a Prime membership encompasses a lot of services. Discounts are offered if you’re a member, and deliveries are a lot quicker. We’re talking the same day quick. There’s also free music and books from the site, and Prime Video (which has already launched in SA).


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