What Happened On Big Brother Last Night? Who Went Home On Big Brother Last Night?

What Happened On Big Brother Last Night?

Kyle Capener was evicted last Thursday after another major incident involving racial comments and controversy. With Kyle in the jury house, everyone’s attention shifted to Michael Bruner, the season’s winningest house guest and one of the best comp beasts in the show’s history. Michael won his third Head of Household in one of the competitions of the season, making it impossible for the other houseguests to kick him out just yet! Unfortunately, Michael’s options were limited, with only seven houseguests remaining. He would not nominate his ride-or-die bestie and Final Two pact member Brittany Hoopes, who will always have his back. Michael considered nominating Matthew Turner and was encouraged to nominate long-time ally, Monte Taylor. On the other hand, Michael understands there’s more to this game than winning comps and making it to the final two. You must also maintain a level of decency that does not completely alienate you from the jury, which ultimately votes to determine the champion.

So, Who Went Home On Big Brother Last Night?


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Who Went Home On Big Brother Last Night?

After all of this week’s scheming and alliance-forming, it came down to Terrance and Alyssa’s time on the block, fighting for their game lives. 

“Houseguests, listen, I’ve entertained a lot of lies this week blatantly in front of me, so I want you guys to entertain the truth. When I go back to the jury, a lot of onion will be peeled back there. So every decision you make right now will reflect on the jury right now,” Terrance said. “So you can’t play this herd game. It’s not going to work. There’s no way to get to the end of the game that way. You’ve got to have courage, and you can’t live in fear.”

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Meanwhile, Alyssa stated that she would be “absolutely devastated” if her time in the house ended now, and that was the end of it. But, again, she’s speaking like a woman who knows she’s safe.

And, after all the votes were counted, she was proven correct. Terrance was voted out 4-0, despite stating, “I got to do a Daniel” (as in Daniel Durston, when he was evicted). Instead, he stood up, grabbed his bag, and walked out without greeting anyone. Speaking with host Julie Chen Moonves, Terrance admitted that he regretted a few of his decisions along the way but added, “I loved this experience.”

“I did it to make my parents happy, and to see exactly what encompasses this game is amazing. Because you can sit at home all day with that remote and play this game, but it is not the same game when you go inside the Big Brother house,” he added. “So I loved this experience.”

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Then Julie dropped the real bombshell on the houseguests: the big Double Eviction surprise. While the six remaining contestants appeared stressed, it was clear they knew it would happen. So they got to business, preparing to play a whole week of Big Brother in a single hour! 


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The Double Eviction

The game, dubbed “Laser Focus,” required houseguests to watch a video of a series of coloured laser light shows and answer questions about the colour patterns. It was essentially a memory game. Turner won the title of HOH after several brutal rounds, and that’s when the true challenge of a double eviction came into play. He had moments to talk to each houseguest, hear their arguments, and figure out some gameplay strategy.

Turner didn’t waste any time after the commercial break in announcing his nominees: Alyssa (yet again) and Brittany. But, of course, Turner’s actual target was Brittany, who promised Alyssa safety, but there was no way of knowing if everything would go as planned.

The Veto Competition followed immediately, with all houseguests competing in a game called “Amped Up.” First, they had to untangle a long cable wrapped around a metal pole structure and connect it to an amp across the yard.

The Final Kick-Off

While it appeared that Michael would win again, Monte ended up winning and becoming Head of Household. This was yet another must-win situation for Michael, as Monte decided to go after the comp king while they still had a chance. Monte moved at the Veto ceremony, taking Alyssa off the market. Turner then proceeded to stab Michael in the back with the second knife. This meant Brittany and Michael were sitting next to each other on the bench, both looking devastated. Alyssa, Taylor, and Monte voted out Michael. He didn’t take it well and told everyone to stay seated before leaving the house without saying goodbye. In his final thoughts, Michael said, “I had so much fun playing this game. I have nothing but love and respect for the people inside the house.” 

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Season 24 of Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

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