What Happened To Tyr In God Of War Ragnarok? Is Tyr Dead In God Of War?

What Happened To Tyr In God Of War Ragnarok?

Tyr is the son of Odin and Hroor. He is the half-brother of Thor. He is the god of war, but he advocates peace. Odin feels that Tyr is a threat to his power and imprisons him in Asgard. Odin spreads a rumor that Tyr is dead, and everyone believes that he is killed by Odin. Later in the God of War, Ragnarok, Kratos, and Atreus find out that Tyr is alive and starts to search for him. During Ragnarok, Asgard is destroyed, but Tyr survives and manages to escape from the destruction. After Odin’s death, Kratos and Freya discover Tyr is in prison in Niflheim. Eventually, he is freed, and he starts to wander throughout the other realms. 

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Is Tyr A Giant In God Of War?

According to Norse mythology, Tyr was a god of war and appeared tall with muscles. He has a slim physique and a tall head. He has long brown hair and a beard. He has a giant-like structure. In the God of War, he was explained as a giant who sealed the door to Jotunheim. He was also one of the few people trusted by the giants. It is shown that Odin kills Thor for disobeying his orders. But it is known that Tyr is alive and no killed by Odin.

Tyr God Of War Ragnarok Death

Tyr was not dead in the God of War: Ragnarok. His father, Odin, imprisoned him and made everyone believe he was dead. Everyone in the nine realms believed that Odin killed Tyr. But the truth is that he was not dead. Kratos and Atreus would later find out that he was not dead, and Odin lied about it. 

Tyr God Of War Ragnarok Actor

The character of Tyr in God of War: Ragnarok was voiced by Ben Prendergast, who is a voice actor who also voiced Patroclus and General Hux. In Japanese, the character was voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa, who also voiced, Noriaki Kakyoin, Rei Ryugazaki, and Laito Sakamaki. 

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