What leaving Gomora means: Watch as ‘Gugu’ Velile Makhoba’s wig comes off trying to put food on the table

Former Gomora actress ‘Gugu’ Velile Makhoba saw her wig coming off while performing at Wits University. Despite not having a comedy role on Gomora, many fans know of Velile’s offset comedy and love for dancing. In Gomora’s cast, she became a popular figure who always made people laugh and that made work enjoyable. She also taught many actors like MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’ new dance moves, and the two developed a strong bond.

It seemed that Gugu left Gomora before she wanted. She still had so much energy and didn’t need any rest or a vacation like most actors do after leaving shows. Velile had no time to rest as she went straight into serious business. She seems to understand that these are her most productive years, and she is working her body and soul off to put food on the table. Watching Gugu do what she did on stage shocked the fans who know her as a calm and composed Gomora High student. Yes, when putting food on the table, Velile does the unthinkable.

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What leaving Gomora means: Watch as 'Gugu' Velile Makhoba's wig comes off trying to put food on the table
Velile Makhoba – Image Credit: instagram.com/velilemakhoba/

Former Gomora actress ‘Gugu’ Velile Makhoba’s wig comes off while perfoming.

A few days ago, Velile had been trending after she produced yet another electric performance on stage. Many fans suggested that she must join Somizi to develop her talent further, and she is showing her relevance with each performance. After impressing fans with last week’s performance, Velile impressed veteran actress Zodwa ‘Sannah Mchunu’. Sannah won the DSTV Viewers Favourite actress, and getting recognition from such legends means a lot to Velile.

As proceedings went by, Gugu got her chance to perform, and she put 120% effort into the work she came to do. Velile was invited to WITS University, and she popped up in time and was ready to show the students what she was about. The students sang the traditional Zulu songs, triggering Velile’s spirit as she did what the Zulu woman did best. She produced good conventional dances in an unfamiliar black attire that looked fit for a vacation at the coasts. That, however, did not stop her from impressing the fans. She danced, and the crowd went crazy as they enjoyed her satisfactory performance.

Watch Former Gomora actress ‘Gugu’ Velile Makhoba’s impressive performance at Wits University.

Upon hearing more and more noise, Velile took it to another level as she did what they used to do 100 years ago. Upon increasing the energy, her wig came off, and she never stopped; she continued as fans all shouted her name and clapped hands. As she shared the video on Instagram, Velile thanked Wits University for the invitation, as this became her new way of putting food on the table after leaving Gomora.

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