Which baddie is most dangerous?

Which baddie is most dangerous? Is it Linda, Thando, Harriet, Lindiwe or Thati?


In the world of Mzansi Magic, women are not pigeonholed into stereotypical roles. Some of the most dangerous and powerful villains are women. Which baddie is most dangerous?

Who do you think is the most dangerous of them all? We’ve ranked them for you here from least to most lethal.

1: Lindiwe – #TheRiverMzansi

Is there anyone more heartless than Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana. Blood drips from her hands daily and she has even killed her own daughter to save her own skin. With Lindiwe, no one can save you when you have made the fatal error or crossing her. Only she can save you by showing you mercy and she rarely ever does.

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2. Harriet – #TheQueenMzansi

Many people have forgotten about Harriet Mathapelo Khoza and think she may have gone soft. It would be wise to remember that this is the woman who runs the biggest cocaine business in Mzansi. She also had her own husband killed because he wanted to leave her and killed the infamous Diamond Mabuza among a host of other evil deeds. Don’t sleep on Mathapelo.



3. Thando – #TheQueenMzansi

Thando is clinical and knows how to separate emotions from the job that needs to be done, no matter how cruel; this makes her incredibly dangerous. She also has a mean temper and can be incredibly impulsive, so who or what can save you if you have scorned the Thando Sebata? Only her father, Mr Sebata himself, and he is just as bad.

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4: Thati – #Gomora

Not to be confused with Onthatile 1.0 who was a rich and pampered housewife, we are talking about the woman who followed in her mother’s footsteps and became the most dangerous hijacking kingpin in Gomora almost overnight.

Seems like season 3 of #Gomora will bring more of this evil Thati so stay tuned to see of the drama and action.



5: Linda – #HousekeepersMzansi

She may not be the first person to come to mind when you think of a Mzansi villain but please, Linda is very dangerous. She has gone head-to-head with some of the most eveil people right under their noses as she worked undercover and outsmarted them and come very close to killing them. What will she do next?

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#Housekeepers season 3 starts Monday 04 April at 20:00 so tune in to find out.



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