Who among the Gomora cast nailed Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge at Mazet’s graduation party?

Gomora actors did Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge during Mazet’s graduation party and left fans comparing their dance moves. A few days ago, Siphesihle Ndaba ‘Mazet’ graduated with her second degree, and in celebration, they threw an extensive and expensive party. Her family members also threw her a fabulous party, and presents were coming in numbers. They hired deco, sound system, catering and top photographers. It was happy the whole week for Mazet as fans, friends, and family celebrated with her.

After the family and close friends had enough time to celebrate Mazet’s celebration, her workmates at Gomora also wanted to celebrate such an achievement with her. Many of the Gomora family, including the back staff and fellow actors, were all present. Fellow stars like Pretty ‘Siyasanga Papu’ and Tshiamo ‘Lerato Mokoka’ all produced great moves and left fans divided on who was the best dancer. Judging from the pictures and videos, the team had a wonderful time, and they couldn’t go away without doing Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge.

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Who among the Gomora cast nailed Beyonce's CUFF IT challenge at Mazet's graduation party?
Siphesihle Ndaba – Image Credit: instagram.com/ceecee_ndaba/

Gomora cast nailed Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge during Mazet’s graduation party.

After a long day of celebration, feasting good food and expensive drinks, the Gomora family had been tired and wanted to go home. That’s when the birthday girl called them to one last dance, and it was Beyonce’s CUFF IT challenge. The CUFF IT challenge has been one of the most trending challenges across social media platforms in the past weeks. Many top celebs in Mzansi, like Connie Ferguson and Dawn Thandeka King, did it. This justifies why Mazet wanted to do the challenge despite being tired.

Among the ones who took the stage were Ntokozo, Tshiamo, Pretty and the birthday girl herself. On the front line was Mazet, the birthday girl, and Tshiamo and the young ladies produced top moves. Pretty looked so energetic, but she had been standing behind the front line, making it hard to see her dance moves clearly. The same applied to Ntokozo, who took the backstage, but his smiles showed how much the team enjoyed the CUFF IT challenge.

Mazet looked great with her moves, but Tshiamo’s flexibility and swiftness impressed fans the most. On the other end was an unidentified man who produced movements that caught many fans’ attention. He had no clue what others were doing but made sure to enjoy himself. He seemed not to care what people said, which impressed fans greatly.

Watch Gomora cast’s CUFF IT challenge dance at Mazet’s graduation party


😂 We were all tired by the time we did this. I appreciate everyone for participating. 💕 #cuffit #cuffitchallenge #inlove

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