Why Does Denji Kill Makima Did Denji And Makima Sleep Together? Is Makima In Love With Denji? How Old Is Makima In Chainsaw Man? Does Denji End Up With Makima

why does denji kill makima did denji and makima sleep together is makima in love with denji how old is makima in chainsaw man does denji end up with makima

Is Makima In Love With Denji?

Chainsaw Man is a famous Japanese manga series. Tatsuki Fujimoto has written and illustrated the manga. Makima actually dislikes Denji. She does not see him romantically.

Makima does not recognize Denji as a human being. She does not have feelings for her. Why does Denji kill Makima? Does Denji Have Sex With Makima? Does Denji Do It With Makima? Scroll down and get the answer here.

Why Does Denji Kill Makima?

Makima is only interested in the Chainsaw Devil that connected itself with Denji’s body. To use Denji, Makima promises an eventual relationship and also threatens to end his life if he falls out of line. But, really, Makima does not care for Denji.

When Makima’s true identity is shown as the Control Devil, she says how much Denji irritates her and also vows to ruin good in his life. In a final fight, Denji kills Makima and eats her body, despite having feelings for her.

Does Denji End Up With Makima?

No. Makima initially treated Denji with kindness and took him under her care. She gave him all the basic needs, including water, food, and a roof as well. But, Makima is interested in the Chainsaw Devil and not in Denji. But, Denji has strong feelings for her.

In the final fight, Makima will kill Denji and eat her.

How Old Is Makima In Chainsaw Man?

Makima is one of the main characters in Chainsaw Man, and her age is unknown. She appeared to be an odd protagonist but became a major antagonist in the series. The Chainsaw Man manga is ongoing. This anime is one of the most trendings in the world now.

Did Denji And Makima Sleep Together?

Denji and Makima did not sleep together. Makima rejected him till the end, despite his feelings for her.

Makima sees the Chainsaw Devil and not Denji. She has no interest in him except when he transforms into Chainsaw Man. Makima is also disgusted when she sees Denji with the Chainsaw Devil’s abilities.

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