Why Does My Valorant Keep Crashing? How To Fix Valorant Keeps Crashing?

why does my valorant keep crashing how to fix valorant keeps crashing

Valorant Game Wiki 

Valorant has been randomly crashing mid-match, causing annoying situations where one has to restart the game. Some have also struggled to launch the game and have reported facing black screens and an unresponsive Riot Client. The “Valorant crashing” issue may appear to be just a phase; players have reported facing this hindrance multiple times since its launch in 2020. Unfortunately, it has become a generic fault in the game and isn’t related to a single patch. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tackle this. 

Why Does My Valorant Keep Crashing?      

Outdated drivers and software can easily cause a new Valorant patch to perform differently than intended. Unfortunately, an outdated driver isn’t the only missing piece to the game’s crash puzzle. Crashes may happen due to server bugs, faults in the patch, network connection hiccups, and issues related to Riot Client. Valorant receives regular patches to keep the popular meta updated and to tackle bugs and glitches. These patch updates keep the latest operating system and driver versions in mind. 

How To Fix Valorant Keeps Crashing?       

Restart the game 

It’s not a permanent fix but a temporary solution that will allow you to get back to the ranked match you were in and make sure to restart Valorant as the administrator. You can find the option by right-clicking on the game icon.

Update your graphics drivers 

This may cause Valorant to crash or send out errors from your system. If you haven’t updated your graphics drivers in a while, visit the manufacturer’s website or download a dedicated application for your GPU

Update your windows 

The reason behind random in-game crashes could be an outdated operating system. Complete all mandatory updates available in your system’s Windows Update tray. Pay attention to the vital security patches, which could play a role in the normal functioning of Valorant’s patch updates.

Check your network connection 

Ensure that your network is stable. You can restart your router, clear the DNS cache, switch to a gaming-friendly DNS, or switch to a direct ethernet connection. If something needs to be improved, call your ISP to discuss internet quality and make the necessary changes.

Close the background applications

If you recently downloaded a third-party application, try closing it and check if the issue persists. Some may cause malfunction and cause the game to crash. Though, applications running in the background can strain your system and crash the game.

Check PC temperature chart

Low-end machines may be unable to handle the game and its requirements, which causes the processor and GPU to work overtime, which may cause a temperature spike. In addition, overheated engines will not be able to handle the game smoothly, causing random crashes. Ensure to take measures and situate your PC in excellent environmental conditions.

Valorant Keep Crashing On Pc   

Valorant has out for now; many gamers are still reporting various kinds of the game crashing and crashing during the game, crashing to the desktop and freezing completely without crashing to the desktop. The minimum requirements for this game are.

Specifications Details 
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core 2 DUO E8400
Memory4 GB RAM
Graphics CardIntel HD 4000

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