World’s tallest female pornstar explains why she prefers shorter men

World’s tallest female pornstar explains why she prefers shorter men..  Rocky Emerson, who just so happens to be the world’s tallest female pornstar, has revealed that she prefers dating shorter men, despite her height.

Standing at 6ft 3, the adult performer has legions of fans and a respectable 270k followers on Instagram. Emerson, 30, recently appeared on the Unfiltered podcast where she spoke to porn director Holly Randall about how directors had previously made “a thing” about her height.

Upon starting her career, Emerson said directors “tried to hook me up with tall guys” but none of them were as tall as her.

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“Then they put me with the short guys, and then that got old,” she added.

“It had to be a ‘thing’ or else they wouldn’t cast me, they were, like, ‘You have a lot of tattoos and you are super tall, what will we do with you?'”

In her private life, Emerson revealed she has never enjoyed dating taller men and men taller than her tend to “freak me out” because “I’m not used to them.”

She added: “I get really, really uncomfortable.

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“I’m actually less attracted to people who are significantly taller than me. My boyfriend is 6ft tall and it’s fine.

“He feels small to me, he’s just thin and shorter than me, but I’m not like, ‘Oh, I’m not attracted to you’, I’m just like, ‘I’m bigger than you’. It’s just a fact.”

She later admitted that it would take a while to feel “safe” around a taller man but she might have felt differently if she herself was shorter.

Emerson explained: “When I hug people that are taller than me I feel suffocated, I’m not used to having my face obstructed.

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“So it’s usually around six feet that I date, but the person before him (her boyfriend) was five foot seven or eight and it was never a big deal, he would just say that people are staring at us.”


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