”You Have Sinned As A Christian If You Use VPN To Access Twitter – Nigerian Pastor Glory Says

”You Have Sinned As A Christian If You Use VPN To Access Twitter – Nigerian Pastor Glory Says..


Glory Papaglo Igho, a Delta state-based clergyman has stated that any Christian using Twitter with a VPN has committed a grave sin.

 Nigerian Pastor Glory Says
”You Have Sinned As A Christian If You Use VPN To Access Twitter – Nigerian Pastor Glory Says—


It is now widely known that the Federal Government banned the operations of the microblogging platform in Nigeria following a controversial tweet the social media giant deleted from the President’s official account.

In a reaction to the suspension on the operations of the Micro-blogging site, Glory Igho claimed that any Christian who is still using Twitter after the ban has committed. a sin. He backed his assertion with a scripture from the Holy Book that quotes “Romans 13: 1-2 Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.”.

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Igho shared his thought on his Facebook page, he wrote;

As a Christian if u use VPN to access ur Twitter acct. after govt ban on it… Just know u have sinned against God.

See reactions from Nigerians:

@maryremmynjoku wrote:

Ha!! Why? These people are making a mockery of the church.


@iamskigba wrote:

Faith without sound reason is dangerous. That’s why we have religious fanatics who think they’re doing God’s work. People interpret the letters of the scriptures to prove their point without paying attention to contexts. Yes the Bible says so, but did the Bible also make provision for pride and ego-driven Government? Because one man’s ego was hurt, then over 200 million suffers it? Didn’t the Bible say “it is better for one man to die for the multitude than for the multitude to die for one man?”

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@nonsoxl wrote:

Na mumu de go church oh, as for me I de serve God for my house????

@too_sunnee wrote:

Dey talk nonsense there, who tell you say this Nigerian government na God choose them?? Be like pastor work don tire you?

@officialdrtj wrote:

What will he say of the 3 Hebrew boys that defiled the kings order? What about Daniel? What about Abraham that said Sarah was his sister?
So if the government says we should all stop praying the we should?

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