Young and Rich: Child actress Zekhethelo Zondi from Isifiso’s Net worth shocks Mzansi

South African child actress Zekhethelo Zondi is a rising force in the acting industry, and her net worth has left her fans dumbfounded. The young actress is currently winning viewers’ hearts with her role in the hit Mzansi Magic series Isifiso where she plays the oldest of Sbonelo’s kids. However, many viewers did not know that this was not her first role on Television, and she had had several other roles before this one.

Her role in Isifiso

The actress takes on the role of the first child of Buhle and Sibonelo, who has a younger brother. She debuted her role in the first episode as the young school girl who has a perfect sibling relationship with her younger brother but also is left by her mom under unfortunate circumstances. After her mother is pushed down the stairs and killed, she is thrown into a life of chaos where her aunt moves in with them while their mom’s best friend fights to be their stepmom.

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Zekhethelo Zondi in Isifiso
Zekhethelo Zondi in Isifiso-Image Source(Instagram/PrincessBhambatha)

Their cousin also moves in with them, and for some time, they have the perfect life trying to move on from the loss of their mother. However, in last week’s episode, the truth that their aunt killed their mother came out and together with her siblings, they will have their lives changed again.

Zekhethelo Zondi’s business empire

The child entertainer began acting at 11 when she joined a talent agency that started representing her. She is famously known for her role in Shadow, also her debut acting role that started her growing career. Earlier this year, she landed the most significant role of her career in the hit Netflix movie Collision on an International platform. Her role in Isifiso is only the third role of her rising acting career, and she looks forward to many more as many people are discovering her talent.

Her side hustles

Because of her good looks, Princess has started a modelling career in which she contests in competitions on big stages. She was among the top five finalists of the Miss Teen South African pageant though she did not win the crown. Currently, she is competing for the Miss SA Junior title and is walking the journey with her fans, sharing pictures on Instagram.

Zekhethelo Zondi
Zekhethelo Zondi-Image Source(Instagram/PrincessBhambatha)

On top of all that, she is in the Public Speaking club at school and uses her fame and Instagram following to share her speeches. The young actress’s net worth is R1 million, with most of her money coming from her acting gigs. At this stage, she is one of the wealthiest self-made child celebrities in Mzansi and can afford to send herself to school as she is currently in High School.

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