Youtube Premium Background Play Not Working, How To Do Background Play On Youtube Premium?

YouTube Premium Background Play Not Working

YouTube is one of the social media apps. In that App, YouTube Premium is a paid membership for youtube users. This feature is available across the Country. It helps the users to lift their experience on other Youtube apps and Youtube. The benefits of youtube subscribers are youtube, youtube kids, and youtube music.

The background play feature will be available on mobile apps if you use YouTube premium. So everyone will know the sound is accessible while the mobile screen is off. If your background playing is not working, then check the background settings. Sometimes the user will turn on the disabled button of background playback settings, so make confirmation that you haven’t disabled the button on setting in the youtube app.

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The background play feature is also available for YT Music, Yt Kids, and Youtube mobile apps.

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How To Do Background Play On Youtube Premium?

Step 1: Open Youtube Music and Begin Streaming

  • Search the song you need in the search icon, click the music in the suggestion list, and click the track’s name to start to play.

Step 2: Shift to Audio Only

  • Click on the video player window anywhere.

  • Tap the audio from the screen at the top to shift to the audio mode so the video song that users searched cannot be displayed

Step 3: Background Play On Youtube Premium

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Why Does Youtube Not Allow Background Play?

Sometimes youtube will not allow the background play. It may be for various reasons for not playing on background play. So let us discuss some common reasons why youtube does not allow background play.

  1. Check your membership is expired: First and foremost, background play is not accessible on youtube because the users’ membership may be expired. So check whether the membership is expired or not.

  2. Attempt to log in to youtube premium once again: make sure that you are logged in to the same account which logged in to your youtube premium membership. If it is correct, log out and log in to the account so youtube can be refreshed, and check that you can see the logo of youtube premium on youtube.

  3. Check Updates on Youtube: ensure that you are using the latest version of youtube; otherwise, update your youtube app.

  4. Check your mobile data settings: ensure that you have enabled the background data for youtube or otherwise enable them.

  5. Check your Background Playback Settings: Ensure you are not disabled the background playback settings. If you have disabled it, tap not to disable the background playback setting.

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Additional Reason to Youtube Not Allow Background Play

We have discussed the common reason for Youtube does not allow background play. Below, let us discuss the additional reason for Youtube not allowing background play. 

  1. Check no other apps are playing audio: Youtube premium background play will not work simultaneously when other apps are playing music or audio.

  2. Check your mobile notification settings: if the user blocks any notification from youtube, sometimes the background will not work smoothly, so turn on the notifications on your device.

  3. Restart the App: if your youtube works continuously without rest, sometimes the background play will be disturbed, so reboot your device.

  4. Check your internet connection: Youtube premium and video download require a strong network, so ensure your device is connected to wi-fi, 4G, 3G, or LTE speed.

  5. Contact Support and Submit Product FeedBack: if you still face the issue in background play, contact the support system of youtube and submit your queries in the feedback session. 

Reference Source: Support

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